About Us

The concept for an online store began in earnest early 2022, as so many post covid ventures have, but truth be told it had been rattling around as the wisp or dog eared corner of a possibility long before that, waiting for something, which turned out to be serendipity, to drag it into existence.

Matilde needed some advice on the colour palette for her new house, and after some time following Natalie on social media, fascinated with the way she treated colour in her projects, decided to contact her. It turned out they lived across the road from each other, and their children went to the same school. Auckland really is that small.

The synergy was instantaneous, they both quickly realised they had very similar tastes and aesthetics, as well as the same frustrations - limited access to a wide range of  quirky boutique furniture and homeware  brands from around the world. 

They also coincidentally already had the same project in mind - starting an online store, where contemporary and vintage design would coexist harmoniously.

And so they began...