Laguna b dune litro jar. Murano, coral
LAGUNA-B "Dune" jar Coral
LAGUNA-B "Dune" jar Coral
LAGUNA-B "Dune" jar Coral

LAGUNA-B "Dune" jar Coral

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Based in Venice, Italy, - LagunaB was founded in 1996 by Marie Brandolini when she reinterpreted the Goto for fornace. Ancient old glassmaking techniques are combined with contemporary design and sustainability as the company continues to create timeless and collectable glassware while leading the way for Murano's craft and culture.

From the 'DUNE' collection designed by Marie in 1999, these jars come in a range of spectacular vibrant colors and they are signed at the bottom. Handmade in Murano, Venice,

Mix and match the different designs and colors from our Laguna-B collection to create the most stunning set up.

Measures: 22cm high x 9cm diameter.

Weight: 600g

CO2 emissions: 9790.0g

Material: Melted glass stick

Perfect for water or a beverage of your choice but also works well as a vase

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