Venini chandelier, Italy 1960&
Venini chandelier, Italy 1960&

Venini chandelier, Italy 1960'

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A stunning original Murano chandelier by the iconic Italian glass manufacturer Venini. The "lampadario" is made up of 126 pieces of glass that emulate seaweed forms.

Crafted in Italy during the  60' according to the millennial technique of muranese glass masters, this chandelier is a truly jewel diffusing  the most beautiful light. 

World-famous glassmaking company Cappellini Venini&C. was founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappelin. Divided and renamed Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini in 1925, it soon became a well recognized name in artistic glass production, reaching its golden age in the 1980s with important collaborations with distinguished artist, designers and architects. 

Bibliography: F. De Boni,I vetri Venini, U. Allemandi &C., Torino, 2007, volume 2, ill 318

Measurements and details:

H70cm X ( including arm 100 cm), D 70cm. Adjustable chain according to client preferences

Weight: 36 Kg

Re - wired for NZ standards

9 light bulbs

The chandelier is in excellent conditions, but we must not forget that is vintage. Over the years it has been used and loved and thus is not in brand new conditions. This is the magic of antiques and vintage, Only buy if you share this philosophy with your heart.

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